Shift² Keyboard Technology

The Shift² Keyboard Technology has found a way to make multilingual typing as easy as multilingual speaking.

The Shift² Keyboard – Nigeria


Thank those two Nigerians that made this possible.
This is simply amazing!

Patricia Osafran

Communicating in my own language is so important.
I don’t have to use a foreign language to communicate with my parents.
They can read and type back in my own language. I don’t need someone to translate English to my language for my parent.

Abdul Ahmed Muhammed

For the first time in my life, i can text and write in my own language.
My father and was so proud of me...

Káyọdé Arówoṣúgbo

I can type in English, Pidgin or my language.

Mike Ọtalọ

Typing with my language is now easier, this is the best keyboard for Nigerians.

Ayọmidé Ayọrindé

----- Words of Wisdom -----

"Because we are masters of our fate, we should be
captains of our souls. Today as I have said, we are no
longer ourselves. Our cultural values have been turn over
board. Today we have abandoned our culture, and culture
is the identity of people. People often mistake culture as
mere dancing and singing. It is much more than that.
Culture is the custom and costumes, the characters and
characteristics, the manners and mannerisms, the philosophy
and the ideologies of the people. Culture is the totality of
the people’s experience. Culture.“No religion of God says you
should pressurize or force somebody to embrace it, and all
religion teache peace and love, the essence of every religion
is love."

Alhaji Dr. Yusuf Maitama Sule, Dan-Masanin Kano